Welcome to the 2020 West Coast Youth Fiddle Summit!

Learning Goals

Week 4-6: Christmas Holidays

1. Learn the three tunes in THE FIVE, SIX, SEVEN set ( buckfast five, wired to the moon, Watermans)

  • Learning videos are below. 
  • Aim to learn one tune from the set each week
  • Listen to the recording from Trish as much as possible to get the melody in your head. The first two tunes are not hard if you can hear how they go.

2.Shetland nights- Ensure the new melody IS UP TO SPEED.

Shetland Nights (North Shore Celtic Ensemble )

Violin 1: Min, Tori, Sophie, Lucy, Kalia, Lucas, Tess

Violin 2:  Jack, Asha, Sadie

Violin 3: Caius, Callah, Menna

Violin 4: Lydia, Seline, Leo, Sylvie

Click the WCYFS resource page from Trish  to find the sheet music:


Userame: YFstudent

Password: summit


New: Shetland Night Videos for last tune in the arrangement

Shetland Nights-Learning Videos

Five, Six, Seven (Fiddelium)

Reinlander (Bow Valley Fiddlers)

Fiddling In (Fiddleheads)

Vals Jokkmokista (Part of our Fiddlehead's Set)