Welcome to the 2023 Rendezvous Fiddle Weekend!

Mark Sullivan

Guest Instructor

Among his many awards, Mark Sullivan is a 3-time Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion and is widely regarded as one of the finest fiddlers in North America today. Mark is a regular instructor at prominent Music Camps in North America, has 6 recordings to his credit and has appeared on numerous compilations as an instrumentalist, arranger, and producer.

As an Educator, Mark currently practices in Vancouver, and is highly committed to educating through collaboration and student empowerment. He holds his Masters of Education and is also the current president of the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association.

Zav Huscroft

Guest Instructor

Zavallennahh (Jaime RT) is putting the unique sound of Canada's West Coast on the international folk music map.

 Zavallennahh is founder and director of Fiddleworks, now in it's 22nd year, dedicated to sharing the joy of music, building life skills and developing community through innovative education & music camps.

 Zav toured internationally playing fiddola and keys with Canadian folk legend James Keelaghan, and as a duo with Juno winning guitarist/vocalist Andy Hillhouse.
 She  has shared the stage with many celebrated artists, including Natalie MacMaster, Martin Hayes, Liz Carrol, Oliver Schroer, Alasdair Fraser, Jerry Holland, Yves Lambert, Daniel Lapp, Pierre Schryer, Mark Sullivan, Catriona MacDonald and many more.   

Zav holds a Bachelor of Music in Piano and Composition from the University of Victoria, and also loves to compose and perform classical music as a violist and pianist and is the  published author (RCM/Frederick Harris Music) of the "Fiddleworks" series. 

Calvin Vollrath

Friday Guest Workshop (advanced fiddlers)


Calvin Vollrath is a two-time Grand North American Fiddle Champion and one of the best known fiddlers in Canada. He has written more than 700 tunes including major commissions for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Opening Ceremonies. 

He has recorded more than 72 albums and toured across America and Europe. 


Rendezvous Gig Set Lists (tentative)


Thursday (YAC) 

Sound check at 4p.m. //Show at 7p.m

  • Raven’s 
  • Oranges in Mongolia 
  • Sadee’s Waltz 
  • Walking Uptown? 
  • Three White Birds 
  • Skittles (if time)
  • Ballad of Joe Loutchan 


Friday  (YAC) 

  • Saturday Night Hoedown 
  • Oranges in Mongolia 
  • Walking Uptown 
  • Three White Birds (with HJ/Dawson Fiddlers) 
  • Mountain Canary (with HJ/Dawson Fiddlers) 
  • Skittles (with HJ/Dawson Fiddlers) 
  • Ballad of Joe Loutchan 


Saturday Dance-Opening Set  (Old Fire Hall) 

  • Blue Drag 
  • Sean Ryan’s Polka 
  • Mysoxen 
  • Koputus 
  • Three White Birds (with HJ/Dawson Fiddlers) 
  • Mountain Canary (with HJ/Dawson Fiddlers)


Barn Dance Tunes

All Fiddlers are welcome to join in on any  these tunes if they know them, but it is optional and the kids are welcome to dance instead of play:)



  • Joe at the 98 
  • Saturday Night Hoedown 
  • Liza Jane 

Bridge of Athlone 

  • TransCanada or Swallow Tail 
  • Irish Washerwoman 


Sashay the Donut 

  • Whiskey Before Breakfast 
  • St. Annes Reel 
  • Devil’s Dream 

Virginia Reel 

  • Nail the Catfish 
  • Crooked Stovepipe 
  • Golden Slippers (A) 

Black Velvet Waltz 

Liberty Two-Step 

Heel-Toe Polka 

Blob Dance # 2  TBA

Big Mountain Circle

  • Arkansas Traveller 

La Bastringue