Rendezvous Fiddle Weekend 2023!

Reinlander (Bow Valley Fiddlers)

Violin 1: Lydia, Jack, Sophie, Lucy, Menna, Tori, Sylvie, Sadie, Callah

Violin 2: Lucas, Kalia, Leo, Tess

Violin 3: Caius, Min, Seline, Asha

Music can be found on the WCYFS page.


Shetland Nights (North Shore Celtic Ensemble )

Violin 1: Min, Tori, Sophie, Lucy, Kalia, Lucas, Tess

Violin 2:  Jack, Asha, Sadie

Violin 3: Caius, Callah, Menna

Violin 4: Lydia, Seline, Leo, Sylvie

Click the WCYFS resource page from Trish  to find the sheet music:

Userame: YFstudent

Password: summit


Five, Six, Seven (Fiddelium)

Tunes in the  Five Six Seven Set: 

Buckfast Five//Wired to the Moon/Watermans

Violin 1: Min, Kalia, Sophie, Lucas, Seline, Sylvie, Callah, Menna, Leo

Violin 2: Jack, Tori, Asha, Lucy

Violin 3: Caius, Lydia, Sadie, Tess

All audio tracks and sheet music can be found on the WCYFS page:

username: YFstudent

Password: summit

Check out the great video of the last tune in this set, Watermans, performed by its composer,  Michael McGoldrick.

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Fiddling In (Fiddleheads)

Fiddling In- Parts Assignments

Violin I: Leo, Sadie, Tess, Sylvie, Cauis, Sophie, Tori

Violin II: Kalia, Min, Seline, Menna

Violin III: Callah, Jack

Violin IV: Lucas, Lydia

Vals Jokkmokista (Part of our Fiddlehead's Set)