2022-23 Fiddleheads Repertoire 

(List will  be updated as we learn new tunes)

Northern Tunes:

  • Walking Uptown (from the playing of Tahltan Fiddler Gerald Edzerza, Watson Lake)
  • Three White Birds (Atlin)
  • Saturday Night HD (Old Crow)
  • Mountain Canary (Dawson City-Gold Rush)
  • Raven's On the Roof (Nunavut)
  • Sadee's Song (NWT)
  • Bird on a Twig (Yukon)
  • Fiddling  In (Yukon)- Pine Group
  • Oranges in Mongolia (Smithers, BC)

Other Arrangements:

  • Blue Drag
  • Polish Folk Song
  • Cripple Creek
  • Mysoxen
  • Pariposen(Pine Only)
  • Sean Ryan's Polka (sheet music only)


Jam Tunes (everyone plays melody)

  • Kloputus Polka
  • Nail the Cat Fish to the Tree
  • Skittles at Buckley Bay


Walking Uptown

Attention Poplar Fiddlers-  Trying learning the Walking Uptown A part  melody  for a challenge. If you would like an easier part I can give one out next week. 

Saturday Night Hoedown (Old Crow -passed down by Allen Benjamin)

Mountain Canary (Dawson City Gold Rush Tune)

Raven's on the Roof (Gina Burgess, Nunavut)

Sadee's Waltz (Andrea Bettger, Yellowknife)

Bird on a Twig (Amelia Rose Slobogean, Whitehorse)

Fiddling In (Keitha Clark, Whitehorse)

Oranges in Mongolia (Emilyn Stam, Smithers BC)

Blue Drag

Polish Folk Song

Cripple Creek


Koputus Polka

Nail the Cat Fish to a Tree

Sean Ryan's Polka

Skittles at Buckley Bay