2023-24 Learning Videos

Winter Term Set 

  • Fiddleheads Theme Song
  • Pine Tune
  • Oranges in Mongolia
  • How Strong They Are (Sanngiyuulauqtut)
  • Flyway Home
  • Raven's on the Roof
  • “Sane”torium
  • Trapping Skies
  • Rainy Day
  • Gooses/Rabbit Jig'
  • The Terror
  • Saturday Night HD
  •  Val’s Dream
  •  Evangeline
  • Rocking the Baby
  • Liza Jane
  •  Mountain Canary (Optional)
  • Trip to Pakistan (Optional)

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Flyway Home

Trip to Pakistan (Optional for Spruce Group)

Rendezvous Tunes -Mark

Rendezvous Tunes- Keitha

Oranges in Mongolia

Theme Song

The Terror-Melody

The Terror- Poplar/Aspen

Saturday Night Hoedown (Old Crow -passed down by Allen Benjamin)

Mountain Canary (Dawson City Gold Rush Tune)

Fiddleheads Theme Song