Bonus Summer Programming!

Some parting tunes and stage presence tips!

1.Linnéa Rowlatt (who founded the Salt and Pepper Children's Theatre Company in Ottawa before moving to Whitehorse last year) offers some helpful stage presence tips.

2. Quin Ethridge-Pedden teaches:

  •  Patrick's Reel (Novice)
  •  Spootiskerry (Intermediate)

3.Galen Fraser shares his tune Baby Dragon (Advanced)

Welcome to Week 5 of Online Programming!    

Every Monday from March 30 to April 27 we will be releasing great new online programming to keep our fiddle communities connected.   

Each week's programming will include:   

Feature Fiddler:  Videos from fiddlers from around the world talking about the fiddle traditions in their area. These videos are made just for us, and we will get to meet some amazing players!   
Online Learning Videos: a new tune and explanation of how to play it for each playing level (novice, intermediate and advanced).   
Learn To Play the Fiddle Series:  Want to learn the fiddle but never had the time or opportunity? Now is your chance! A series of 4 videos that will give you the basics of how to hold the fiddle, bow, and teach you a simple tune   
Made in the North:  A series of videos sharing stories, music and culture from some of our favourite Northerners.   
Musical Memories: Celebrating our Fiddleheads season in review.    
Bonus Videos: surprises in store!

Feature Fiddler: Jaron Freeman-Fox (Toronto)

We've  spent the season learning about what makes different fiddle cultures from around the world unique .

For our last video of the season- some lovely parting thoughts from Jaron Freeman-Fox on what makes being a fiddler in the North unique, and what he brings from the North to his career as a professional musician in Toronto.

Jaron is an innovative and award wining violinist from Toronto who grew up in Northern B.C. and was part of the Valley Youth Fiddlers in Smithers.