Fiddleheads 25th Anniversary Concert

MacBride Museum

The Fiddleheads are celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a special Tribute to Northern Fiddling Concert on May 2 at MacBride Museum.

The concert honours well-known Northern fiddlers Joe Loutchan, Rusty Reid, Gerald Edzerza, Allan Benjamin, Andrea Bettger (NWT), Gina Burgess (Nunavut) and Emilyn Stam (Northern BC).

The show also features tune highlights from the Ensemble’s past 25 years of making music in the Yukon community and beyond. This includes arrangements and tunes learned from Trish Barclay, Gordon Stobbe, Keitha Clark, Sarah Hamilton, Calvin Vollrath, Trish Horrocks, Mark Sullivan, Daniel Lapp, Gabriel Dubreuil, The Valley Youth Fiddlers and Fiddleheads members Jack Walcher-Wegmann and Noé Kwan-Teau.